Performlase® Laser  Treatment

Sports Performance Enhancement for Competitive Athletes

How Performlase® Works

Performlase® harnesses the power of the fotona lightwalker erbium laser to enhance and open constricted airways supporting high volume breathing. Performlase helps to increase nasal breathing, nasal breathing activates a parasympathetic response to slow the heart rate and conserve energy while promoting a sense of calm. Nasal breathing also increases oxygen perfusion to the tissues, decreasing fatigue and stress.

Some Benefits Include:

  • Expanded Airway
  • Improves Nasal Breathing Function
  • Non-Surgical Solution
  • No Injections
  • Increased Oxygen Perfusion
  • Enhanced Performance for Cardio-Intensive Sports

How Long Has Performlase Been Used To Increase Performance?

Performlase® has been used internationally for almost a decade now with patients reporting a significant improvement in obstructive respiratory flow.

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